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Chameleon Sock combines 2 plies of merino/cashmere and 1 ply of merino/silk. Dyes take to each fibre in different ways, resulting in a marled yarn that gives subtle highlights to your knitting.

Here are three reasons why you have to have this yarn:

  • Strong stitch definition
  • Subtle highlights
  • Soft and luxurious

Take a look at some of the patterns we've put together for you. Just click on the patterns tab above.

Yarn WeightSock
Fibre63% Extra Fine Superwash Merino.
20% Cashmere,
17% Silk
Yardage400 yards (366m), 100g
Gauge24-32st for a 10cm / 4in square
Needle Size2.5mm-3.5mm
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