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Soak Small Bottles
Soak S06 Celebration
Soak S06 Fig
Soak S06 Lacey
Soak S06 Scentless
Soak S06 Yuzu
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Soak on Holiday. Washing out a swimsuit or your "smalls" in the hotel basin and no rinsing. It's the bottle that keeps on giving.

Just like it's big sister Soak makes it easy to care for your handknits (and other fine fabrics), leaving them with a wonderfully fresh and subtle fragrance, but best of all - no need to rinse! And yes, it’s really effective at cleaning, despite being so gentle on your precious cashmere heirloom shawl.

Soak comes in 6 fantastic fragrances: Aquae, Celebration, Lacey, Scentless, Yuzu and Fig. The 90ml bottle delivers 18+ washes. Phosphate-free, biodegradable, dye-free and non-toxic.

Psst! Once you have used it on your hand knits, try it on other delicates too like Lingerie and Swimsuits.