Chiaogoo T-SPIN Tunisian Interchangeable Hooks



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Chiaogoo T-SPIN Tunisian Interchangeable Hooks are possibly one of the best Bamboo Tunisian hooks you will find. Using the same Moso bamboo found in Chiaogoo's Spin Interchangeables tips, these hooks have a pointy head to get your stitches and the Chiaogoo virtually seamless, stainless steel cable join.

The size is permanently laser marked on each hook.

All you need is a T-SPIN Hook, a TWIST or SPIN cable and an End Stopper.

These hooks are compatible with either TWIST or SPIN cables and accessories. Size E to H need a Small [S] cable and I (5.5 mm) and larger hooks will fit the Large [L] Cables or the Small [S] cables with the use of the Small Cable to Large Tip adapter.