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Everyone's feet are different. Even two people who wear exactly the same shoes can, and usually do, have very different shaped feet.

In Custom Socks, Kate Atherley sets out to teach knitters of all levels the skills and tools they need to understand sock fit.

So go ahead and treat yourself to these 15 original sock patters that are easily customisable and will work with any needle configuration. Your feet will thank you.

Pattern Weight Number of Skeins
The Basic Ribbed Sock 4 Ply / Sock 1 (390yd/100g)
Marpleridge 4-Ply / Sock 1 (410yd/100g)
Oh, Valencia 4-Ply / Sock 1 (400yd/100g)
Wellesley 4 Ply / Sock 1 to 2 (430yd/100g)
Secrets and Lies 4 Ply / Sock 1 (400yd/100g)
Jarvis 4 Ply / Sock 1 to 2 (395yd/100g)
Carpita 4 Ply 1 each of 2 colours (465yd/100g)
Lindisfarne 4 Ply / Sock 1 each of 2 colours (460yd/100g)
Harcourt 4 Ply / Sock 1 (390yd/100g)
Wellington Road 4 Ply / Sock 1 to 2 (400yd/100g)
Man of Aran 4 Ply / Sock 2 (330yd/100g)
Fitzcarraldo 4 Ply / Sock 2 (385yd/100g)

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